Your problem

For every passing year companies worldwide need to put even more money into their marketing budgets to make sure they get the same ROI on their marketing purchases. Hundreds, even millions of dollars are put into online advertising in order to generate traffic to the website.

However, what happens when a customer visits your website? Oh, so you convert him? Well the reality is that an average conversion rate on a website spans from maybe 0,5 percent to 3 percent.

So that takes care of 3 percent of all your visitors, but what about the rest? So you use Google AdWords, you advertise on Facebook, you do a lot of display advertising in all different kinds of networks and you have invested in highly sophisticated marketing tools.

You have seen that you and your team just are not sufficient enough, you don`t reach around to do all the tasks demanded to be visible online – So you hire an agency or two for handling your online advertising and other technical development. You pay them high fees, have them on retainers and use a lot of time discussing strategy, having workshops etc.

The Solution

Don`t get us wrong, large companies these days really need to hire external agencies to help them in the large jungle called “The Internet”. But for every dollar spent, you would at least like to see two dollars back right? Well, that just isn`t the case if you pay $30 dollars for a specific click on a keyword that only generate a bounce off your website. Maybe something else is wrong, maybe your landing pages just aren`t good enough!

ReCheckit helps our clients to convert and transform these visitors into paying customers. We use our state of the art technology to make sure we get as much information about your visitor as possible, and then use that information to target just that particular visitor. We use our technology either in form of onsite remarketing – Making sure we push the visitor in the right direction when he otherwise would have left your website. Or we do it by sending this individual person a segmented and personalized information if he abandons your purchase funnel.

So by adding another layer on top of your existing strategy – whether it`s a larger or small strategy, will make sure that the dollar spent, actually gets converted.

The result

Our results really do speak for themselves. Just last year we increased our clients online sales with a staggering 5,5 percent. So let`s say you have a revenue on $ 5 000 000, we`ll get you another almost $ 300 000 on top of that! We do this by making sure our work is always converting. Nothing we do is done without knowing we can measure the effect. Our campaign managers learn to know you and your visitors, then we start to optimize the results. We want you to get hundreds of dollars out of your $ spent if possible! We are also very proud to say that we see as much as 9 percent conversion rate on the clients we invest heavily on.

When we say “Invest heavily” we don`t mean any special treatment for just one or a few customers, we give every of our clients special treatment. By investing in us we mean that we implement more than just one of our services making sure we control the complete purchase funnel before and after the purchase. We like to call it our version of “Marketing Automation”, Marketing Automation for Commerce!