Email remarketing

Get back lost customers with our services used by large and medium-sized online shops, banks, insurance companies and travel agencies. An astonishing 88 percent of visitors across the world abandoned their basket. There are many reasons why people decide to leave their shopping transaction.

With our technical solutions and long experience with so-called "shopping cart recovery", the proportion who completes the purchase will increase considerably. Presale allow our clients to automatically follow up their customers by e-mail with dynamic content, responsive design adapted to all e -mail clients and reading devices. E -mails created by our own designers are based on our customers profile and design manual. We use naturally Retina clear images for the best possible customer experience.

ReCheckit personalized and creative emails powered with top-leading innovative technology help online stores retarget and convert traffic into customers. Our dedicated campaign managers execute campaigns with continuous optimization including A/B split testing and rich segmentation leading to amazing conversion rates – We do the marketing automation and our customers can lean back and enjoy the switch from lost clients to converted customers.

First Service

Approximately one hour after the customer has canceled the purchase a relevant e-mail with a call-to-action is sent to the customer. The "First Service" is a replica of the abandoned cart with an opening rate of approximately 60 percent and a conversion rate of 7 percent.

Contrary to what many think, customers appreciate getting such an e -mail, which is also documented in a thesis from Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen:
"Doing reminders on shoppingcarts as dynamic retargeting" (in Norwegian).

We use world-leading technology and the email is segmented with a personalized message and can be customized as you please.

second Service

Many customers choose to fulfill the purchase at first request, but some customers need more time to make up their mind. We have therefore developed a solution we call "Second Service". This is an email triggered automatically 24 hours after purchase if the customer does not complete the purchase after the first email.

Different design from the first service, segmented messages and product recommendations used for uniqueness and conversion optimization, are just some of the things we do to get the best possible conversion.

To create benefit for the customer this email contains product recommendations in addition to products in the abandoned cart. In addition, these e -mail has a very good effect. With an opening rate of approximately 60 percent and click rate of 34 percent, this service increases the up-sells sales significantly for our customers.

VIP Service

Sent out if the value of the shopping cart is so high that segmentation should be used based on e.g. sum, products or specific product to give these customers excellent service. Baskets with certain products get a personalized offering.


Above average customer service is extremely important if the person will come back to shop more. ReCheckit helps you to maintain contact with the customer after the first purchase is completed, while being able to increase up-sells with more intelligent solutions.

With real-time data collected from your customers previous purchases the after sales service allows you to send personalized and segmented e-mails the opportunity for up-selling.

Follow Up service

This email is sent after 7, 14 or 21 days based on its content customized on the previous purchase. Customized 100 percent with product recommendations and customer surveys can be used if wanted.

To strengthen customer relationships and create loyalty and increased satisfaction, we have developed a solution we call "Follow up" which is an e-mail sent out automatically shortly after a purchase.

This is an e-mail that may contain thank you for your order, link to customer service or recommended products related to previous purchases.

Winback service

The winback-email is triggered 30, 60, 90 or 360 days after the previous purchase. The content is based on previously bought products and the email can be customized.

Too often we see that large and medium sized companies are not clever enough to follow up existing clients. With our solution, "Winback" you can automatically follow up customers at any given time after the previous purchase with an e-mail.

This email may contain, for example products, new products related to previous purchases (accessory) or suggestions about activation or renewal of subscriptions.

Winback service

Onsite Service

Customers often leave the website before they have completed their purchase or order. Our OnSite Service allows you to take better care of your visitors and communicate with 100 precent of your visitors before they leave your page without leaving an email or phone number.

This product is customized for medium and large companies that want to increase their conversion rate. The OnSite service with cross-device technology can be fully customized with advanced rule sets to limit the amount of shows and what triggers it.

ReCheckit empowers you to customize each element of your message to personalize it for your visitors. Product recommendations, LIVE trends, email capture or brand benefits – this service allows you to reengage with your customers in real-time and maximize the conversion rate.

The Onsite Service allows you to communicate with your customers while they are on your website.

Our smart OnSite Service is activated when the customer is inactive or are about to leave this website.

The solution is very flexible and can be customized to the needs of any website. This is a fantastic feature to communicate with anonymous visitors.