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Recheckit’s solutions are relevant to all websites with a conversion goal – regardless of industry.

One of the main challenges e-commerce companies have today is that only 2% of website visitors completes a purchase of a product or a service. The remaining 98% of the traffic goes to your competitors or drops out.

We have two solutions to increase the conversion rate on e-commerce websites:

  1. Smart and relevant onsite displays with messages trigged by the customer’s behavior on the site. It can be inactivity or whether a customer tries to leave the site without completing the purchase. An Onsite will be triggered to encourage the customer to complete the purchase.
  2. Cart Abandonment Emails that captures customers who have started an ordering process – but still chose to leave the site. The customer will receive the unfinished shopping cart by e-mail and can complete the purchase later.

We see very good conversion rates after implementing these solutions for online stores.