Klinikk for Alle are reducing appointment cancellations with smart technology

Klinikk for Alle was established in 1989 and has grown into a chain of 26 clinics with over 300 therapists and employees in 30 years. KFA has an interdisciplinary offer to treat ailments in the musculoskeletal system.

We at Recheckit started the collaboration with Klinikk for Alle l in early 2019. We think this is incredibly exciting, both because it is a new industry for us, but also because Klinikk for Alle is among the health industry’s most forward-looking, innovative and wants to test out new digital solutions.

The Challenge

Klinikk for Alle has a solution that gives customers the opportunity to easily cancel their appointments online. They wanted a better understanding of why some customers want to cancel their appointments. This is to better customize the customer service and processing so that as few customers as possible cancel the appointment.

Customer behavior data and information are important for customizing and improving marketing and marketing communications. Also for Klinikk for Alle.

A challenge in the marketing healthcare services is the delicate balance of being commercial and attractive, while retaining trust and not being pushy sellers.

The angle was therefore that KFA wants to improve the customer service, and encouraged customers to inform the reason for the cancellation. We also focused on how we could stimulate the customers to change their mind and not canceling the appointment.

The solution

The team at Recheckit set up a form with 5 options where the customer was encouraged to state the reason for the cancellation. Among other things, whether the patient has been healthy, is not satisfied or thinks it was too expensive were alternatives. There was also an open comment field.


The project is still in a test phase, but Recheckit experienced a great deal of engagement in the message already the first week. A total of 60% of those who triggered the form became involved.

Nearly 17% sent a personal comment in the comment field, and most importantly: 3% chose to keep their scheduled time.

The potential

It is exciting to see that our digital solutions and technology can also be used outside of classic e-commerce. Knowledge and insight about customer behavior and attitudes are very important for many companies to run profitably. Now also within health and treatment providers.

Google Analytics and similar tools can provide a lot of information about online behavior, but in this case, finding out the specific reasons for canceling appointments was not something that could be read directly in such tools.

We thank Klinikk for Alle for their ability and willingness to test out the concept.

Do you have current or former colleagues, friends or acquaintances who could have benefited and wanted to test out a similar concept, let us know. We will be happy to demonstrate what we can achieve.

Thank you for reading!

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