Managed Service saves time and contributes to cost-effective operation, growth and increased profitability.

Many IT departments are bogged down with requests, tasks and bug fixes. They struggle to deliver on time and meet expectations.

Today’s users of IT, technology and digital services have less patience than their predecessors. We meet many “IT people” who are frustrated by the lack of time and resources to be able to handle the ever-increasing expectations of the technology they are responsible for.

Is there a solution to all this hassle and frustration? Yep.

Many look outward for solutions to working more efficiently and avoid downtime. One solution may be to outsource some of the work to a Managed Service Provider (often abbreviated MSP) to be able to concentrate on more important tasks and free up internal (and costly) resources.

We see an increasing need for MSP as part of the collaboration between companies’ own IT departments, digital managers and external resources. Several major players in e-commerce simply do not want to be experts in parts of the technology they use, so they engage external experts who provide service and support at a high level.

Over the last few years, many large organizations have become better acquainted – and more comfortable – with Managed Service. Major players in Scandinavian e-commerce are increasingly turning to providers of Managed Service to outsource select IT functions such as storage, backup, monitoring, security and automated marketing.

And the benefits are many. Improved security, proactive work with various IT challenges, access to state-of-the-art technology, freeing up internal resources, and more cost-effective operations are among these. We see that Managed Service gives IT departments room to focus on more important projects that provide growth and increased profitability.

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At Recheckit, we are working with technology that increases conversions and sales for several of the largest players in Scandinavian e-commerce.

Among other things, we run automated onsite campaigns, where the client participates in the initial rounds before we move on to the next steps; developing, designing, testing and ensuring that the campaigns both look good, and function well on the web pages – and last, but not least – that they are converting optimally.

We monitor the web pages, analyze the campaigns and report the results. We spend about 5-7 hours per week per client analyzing campaigns and learning from our data, so we can assist and support them further. This saves the client time, and we believe it’s a necessary and good concept in an increasingly automated and demanding world. We also act as knowledge facilitators and a backup function for our customers, which saves them even more time.

This allows the digital managers to concentrate on sales and marketing without having to worry about technical challenges. Managed Services equals a cost-effective and hazzle free everyday life for the country’s digital sales and marketers.

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