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Charlotte - Senior Designer Recheckit

Our Senior Designer was earlier this year awarded Employee of the year 2019 – and in that regard, we asked Charlotte 3 brief questions

Tell us about yourself:
“Just turned 31, so I guess it’s about time I realise I’m an adult. Although I haven’t turned in to a morning person yet, I still need a peaceful 30 minutes of breakfast and newspapers to start the day.”

What would you describe as “Typical Recheckit?”
“A casual and humorous workplace – with skilled and dedicated colleges who enjoy each others company. At work we like to have a good time, and appreciate whenever somebody’s birthday is due.”

A podcast you would recommend:
“All “True Crime” – related podcast are great. But I would like to recommend the podcast “Rekommandert” with Kristopher Schau. It includes both funny and interesting topics; anything from seamonsters and dinosaurs to Oddvar Brå and Oslotrikken.”