Highly Customized Solutions

Technology that boosts your conversion rate
and recaptures abandoned sales

You could be the next conversion star – the marketer who everyone admires and envies – let Recheckit make you a master of conversions!

We know that digital marketers and others who work with commercial websites are under a lot of pressure and sky-high expectations from management.

Our concept is therefore tailored to help marketers convert more through our unique technology, developed in Norway.

Full Managed Service

We do all the heavy lifting, making sure design and strategy works perfectly on your website. You save time and employees.

Unique Insight

Recheckit delivers conversion technology to a wide range of businesses which gives us unique insight and knowledge on what will actually give more sales.


Our clients are with us year after year, because Recheckit delivers profit you can count on. From Head of IT to CFO, it’s all simple math.

Our Products


An Onsite is a smart pop-up which presents itself to visitors at just the right moment of purchase.
It includes a razor sharp message delivered to potential customers, with an incentive to complete the purchase. Great deals and relevant content – combined with perfect timing – results in increased revenue.

Abandoned Cart Email

Our technology assists customers who are unsure, or about to exit your eCommerce website, by enabling them to receive their shopping cart via email. This makes it easy to re-engage the purchase, creates a better customer experience and increases sales.
Make it easy to go back to their cart
Reminder of free shipping for any order of NOK 800 or more
Reminder that it is risk-free with an 90 day open returns policy

Increase Your Conversions Now

Are you spending your time and energy on large marketing budgets, but not getting the results you’re looking for?

An effective marketing strategy is dependent on a holistic view of the funnel. From top to bottom.

Traditionally marketers are focusing on the top of the funnel – getting traffic to their site – through media purchases and ad-channels like facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Google Ads.

On average, online stores uses 92% of their marketing budget on getting traffic to their webpage – while only 1% is being used to manage that traffic. The majority of marketers are being measured on sales – and not number of visitors.

At Recheckit, we have developed a behavioral based conversion technology that increase the efficiency of the existing traffic on your webpage – and ensures that more of your visitors completes purchases.

Let us help you

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Our solutions are designed to give value to our clients. We have developed flexible price models suited to the traffic situation of your website. We make it easy to evaluate the return of your investment.

Recheckit delivers profit to your company.

What happens after I have signed?

Once we have agreed on price, terms and expectations – you will be taken care of by our customer-success-team. They will guide you through setup, design and deliver proposals that adds value. The customer success team works on a 2 week timeframe. Which means that once you become a customer – to design and strategy, and the technology is live on your site – will be no longer than two weeks.

The customer-success team will be your conversion partner and offer valuable proactive solutions based on their huge insight and experience from working with our clients.

Will this affect loading speed on my website?

No. At Recheckit we know that speed is everything – our solutions are used by some of Scandinavia’s biggest and most demanding brands. First class technical quality and hygiene is at the utmost importance to us and our clients.

How easy is the setup?

When we first initiate a partnership a tiny code snippet will be implemented on your webpage – you can easily do this yourself by google tag manager or similar – we will naturally guide you through this and it should take no longer than 5 minutes. That’s it!

How much of my time will this require?

Recheckit offers a full managed service – which means that the time and effort required from our clients – is close to nothing.

We do all the labor. We offer you tailor made suggestions on design, strategy and triggers suited to your business – all you have to do is show us thumbs up or down, and we gladly appreciate your input and adjust accordingly.