The unique thing about Recheckit is our onsite solutions. Several years of research, testing and updating our technology have resulted in optimised solutions. The technology is unique and behavioural. 

This means that if a user has shown interest in a product or category, our technology computes this and provides different special offers or messages based on what the user has viewed, resulting in a better shopping experience.

An example might be that the visitor is about to exit or become inactive, our technology detects this behaviour and displays a message on the screen. The messages consider the behaviour of the user, and adapts to the situation as well as the existing layout of the page.

This allows us to display relevant messages to interested potential customers, which might even lead customers to purchase other products including more profitable ones. A message such as “Now you’re only 9 pounds away to get free shipping” or “Hello, before you leave, have you seen our great deals on sale? You can get up to 80% discount on loads of products” has given good results. 

Combining onsite messages with the act of completing a purchase provides increased conversion and in many scenarios, becomes the final incentive the customer needs to carry out the purchase.

Remarketing e-mails

Remarketing mails are a more traditional and somewhat older technology to capture visitors who for various reasons interrupt purchases. Canceling a purchase will automatically result in sending out an email with a message to encourage the user to complete the purchase.

It was this technology that started up Recheckit in 2012, back when it was called ServiceMail.

In many cases, it is not necessarily a desire to cancel the purchase that makes people abandon carts, it may be that the user does not have a credit card available, or gets distracted by an important phone call or by children storming through the door. This is to be regarded as a service to the interested potential customer who has gone so far as to adding items to the shopping cart.

We have seen very good results with friendly messages such as “Hello Christian. Thank you for visiting our online store. We have taken care of the shopping cart so that you can easily complete your order – when it suits you. Click here to return to the checkout site. »

A friendly reminder of an abandoned shopping cart can be a trigger, we see that customers do not experience this as annoying or noisy because the messages are timed and relevant.

The technology is still widely used and generates good results. Here too, messages can be tailored to different situations, products or categories.

Real-time reporting

Good performing campaigns is our main goal. Since we always do A/B tests where half of the visitors are exposed to an onsite message, and the other half are not, it is easy to measure the effect of the system. 

The results from both onsite and remarketing e-mails are displayed in real-time on a tailor-made and easy-to-read dashboard. 

The Dashboard shows completed and discontinued sales, and the number of conversions through Recheckit’s campaign. You may also view how many onsites are shown, the number of clicks, the number of conversions, and the value generated by Recheckit in kroner, pounds, dollar, euros and many other currencies. You are also able to see your conversion rate against the industry’s average. 

The same Dashboard displays the results for your remarketing e-mail if this is also implemented. Here too the results are shown in detail such as how many mails were sent, the opening rate, click through rate, conversions and the value of these. 

This makes it easy for you as a customer to see if your campaigns are performing as expected and provide the desired return on investment. Based on the A/B testing and ongoing results in the dashboard, we can easily further adjust campaigns to optimise the conversion. Both the messages on the onsite and trigger points can be adjusted and changed quickly. 

In other words, you can sit at the office, at home or be on holiday and see how the technology works and how the campaigns perform – all hassle free. 

Our Customer Development Managers send you monthly reports, if desired, and assist with daily and annual campaign strategies based on this information.