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online conversion technology

Transforming your visitors into customers through real-time intervention

Conversion technology

A smarter service that offers existing and alternative solutions by studying customer behaviour and responding to it by implementing Onsite technology to increase conversion. 

As a high-end conversion provider, ReCheckit is entering a new phase as a company. After several years of constant upgrades to our technology, we have developed a unique and innovative way to communicate and interact with your website visitors.

The problem

Studies consistently show that across almost all industries only approximately 2% of website visitors become customers.

This is a challenge for all industries selling online, just think of how much wasted marketing spending this represents.

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Our Approach

We are a trusted knowledge and solution provider to companies wishing to increase their return on investment (ROI) for online customer conversions.

We believe that increased marketing spending is seldom the answer while increasing expertise provides invaluable insights.

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In addition to an increase in conversion, our customers can expect an improvement in average order value, increased customer loyalty.

We benchmark our results within industries to optimize outcomes and tailor campaigns for individual demands such as promotions.

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How it works

What makes ReCheckit unique is that instead of implementing standard methods that might not work for certain clients we pay close attention to user journey, analyse where users abandon the most and personalise our technology by intervening where it’s needed the most in order to help completing the purchase.

Take the Purchase Funnel below as an example:

For ever 92% spent acquiring customers only 1% is spent converting them


We come to where the action is!

Our Onsite technology is just that – embedded On your Site to help convert visitors in ‘real time’ to become customers. Our solutions are customized to your brand and your image so that the smart technology is a natural part of your customer acquisition process.

Forget annoying pop up banners, we produce responsive, smooth and visually appealing designs that not only convert your customers and increase your revenue but also complement your website.

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While immediate responses are possible with Onsite, reaching potential customers with Emails is an excellent approach to communicate with the same audience in a new way.

One such example is to send an Email as a follow-up to an abandoned purchase or application. By linking such Emails directly to your website, our technology allows potential customers to continue where they left off by pre-filling shopping carts or input fields.

Other popular uses are to segment and communicate with existing customers based upon their past spending and to provide recommendations of related items for past purchases.

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Managed Service

While most companies have a clear web strategy, they lack in-house expertise and data analysis to boost online conversions. With ReCheckit as your partner, this is not a problem. We provide exceptional value by combining advanced technology along with the work and knowledge required for this boost.

Taking full responsibility, or managing the services, is our complete package designed to rapidly make your ideas a reality. We do the design and technical work to implement campaigns on your website. And then, once live, the real fun begins.

Key points about our service


With real-time dashboard reporting and data analysis we monitor the results and optimise your campaigns for improvements. It is not necessary to learn a new system as we do the work for you and in most cases, can integrate directly into your current analytics tools.

Split testing

Stop guessing and wishing your way to improved results. Our experts have years of experience in creating, executing and analyzing A/B tests to determine how to best maximize campaigns to your desired audience.

Data analysis

Smart and dynamic data drive our decision making - for your benefit. We have developed proprietary analysis and key performance indicator (KPI) reports based research from our deep customer portfolio. Our expertise quickly becomes your expertise.

Custom reports

Our customer development managers have industry specific knowledge and experience and support our customers with annual action plans and targets. We are here to support you locally while we think and respond globally.

A personal touch

Business is personal for us. Our customers receive proactive follow-up and annual strategic planning to correspond to their own internal initiatives, expectations and objectives. Our teams of development and campaign managers work closely with each other and you to plan for the long-term while responding quickly when short-term opportunities arise.

Easy to implement

Activating our campaigns requires only a few minutes of work from our customers. All that is needed is to include a simple line of code on your website and we take it from there with a customized script, design and set up which suits your site and setup.

established in the nordicsresponding globally

About us

ReCheckit is a fun and engaged collection of people spanning from all over the world. For various reasons, we have found our way to the Nordics and are delighted with “the local folks”. Our common passions, goals and values unite us and provide our customers with the unique opportunity to receive global expertise with a Nordic twist.

Our customers delight, challenge and inspire us. Our mission is to provide ever increasing value on a consistent basis. We push ourselves to approach every campaign with creativity and a deep strategic understanding for our customers’ own objectives.