Conversion Technology

Getting visitors to a page “to do what you want them to do" is the definition of conversion. With Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), you aim to increase the number of visitors that convert into actual buyers.

This can be done by improving language, design elements and Call-To-Action buttons on the website - and with our unique conversion technology.

We are not digital advisors or web developers. We provide the unique technical solution needed to increase conversions on your website. That is our focus. That's what we deliver - and it's the increased conversion you pay for.


International statistics show that only 2% of online store visitors end up buy.

This means that 98% of the traffic generated for websites does not lead to a purchase.

Our approach

Behaviour-based technology displaying onsite messages to stimulate purchases.

Based on the visitor’s behaviour, relevant messages are directed to interested prospects.


Significantly improved conversion rate, and higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased Average Order Value (AOV).


Real-time reporting

The results are displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard. The dashboard displays direct sales, discontinued sales and the amount of sales acquired through the onsite campaigns in different currencies, such as dollars, pounds, euros or kroner.


Dressmann is the Nordic region´s leading fashion chain within menswear with 430 stores in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Germany and Austria.

Our Approach

With our technology, we are able to dynamically fetch the remaining value that is needed for a customer to receive free shipping on their order. Based on the remaining value, we are able to recommend best selling products in that price class to the customer.

When a customer shows a certain amount of interest for a product, we use that information and produce a dynamic Onsite that helps the customer to complete the purchase.


We customised our solution to Dressmann´s brand so ReCheckit technology is a natural part of their customer acquisition process.

ReCheckit were able to increase the average order value per Onsite recovery with almost 20%.


For over 90 years, Conrad has delivered technology to households and businesses in Europe. The family company was founded in Berlin in 1923 and has its head office in Hirschau in southern Germany since 1946.

Conrad is Europe´s largest electronics and technology retailer with more than 750 000 items.

Our Approach

With our technology, we dynamically fetch the remaining value that is needed for a customer to receive free shipping on their order. Based on the minibasket we are able to create a nice slideshow that displays items the customer already has placed in their shopping cart.


ReCheckit provided a clear strategy, in-house expertise and data analysis and we were able to increase the average order value per Onsite recovery with 68%.


Lendo is one of Swedens leading loan companies that offers private loans and car loans. They started back in 2007 in Sweden and has now expanded to Norway and Finland.

Our Approach

The majority of Lendos customers use their mobile phones to apply for a loan. We chose then to have a own strategy and solution for users that comes through a mobile.

Mobile devices are personal and with our technology we were able to dynamically base the personal message on their previous history on the site.


We produced a responsive and visually appealing design that complement their website.

We are very pleased to see that the customers are much more engaged and complete more applications then what they were before. This clearly shows that our dynamic onsite is well integrated on the clients site and also given the customers a good user journey.


Helly Hansen is the leading Scandinavian workwear brand, their sailing gear is worn by world class sailors across all five oceans, and you’ll find HH at more than 200 ski resorts and worn by more than 55 000 ski professionals.

Our Approach

Our main focus was to increase average order value for the client. With our technology, In one of the solutions, we dynamically fetch the remaining value that is needed for a customer to receive free shipping on their order. Based on the remaining value, we are able to recommend products in that price class to the customer.

Recheckit created a dynamic onsite that triggers different strategies based on aspects and behaviour that our technology gather from the customers.


We personalised our technology and produced a dynamic, responsive and visually appealing design that complement their website. The customers got more engaged, had a better user experience on the site and the average order value increased.


Telenor was founded in 1855 and is one of the world´s leading mobile companies. They are one of the top 500 global companies by market value and have more than 30.000 employees worldwide.

Our Approach

We found a strategy, created a custom solution and adapted our technology to the client site.

We were able to create a dynamic onsite that gather details from the customers purchaseflow and display the relevant information in the onsite.


Our main goal was to increase average order value and help the customers experience with a solid good user journey.

With our in-house expertise in addition to a clear strategy and data analysis we are please to see good results.

How it works

Easy installation – Easy implementation

The technical side of the campaigns can be implemented in less than 10 minutes. All that is needed is to copy & paste a code snippet into the web page, then we take the wheel and work our magic.

We save you the hassle of learning a whole new system because we do all the work, and in most cases the system can be integrated mutually with the analytics software you may have already implemented on your website.

In cooperation with the customer, we define the problem and provide a solution strategy. Various solutions and designs are prepared and tested against the problem – and optimized accordingly.

Managed Service

Managed Service means full service where we take care of the entire process. We design and set up the technical solution so that onsite campaigns both look great, match existing web design and technically function on your website.

We monitor the pages and campaigns, analyse them and report the results. As a customer of ours, you can email or call your contact person at any time, as we like to make sure we are there for our clients and , make sure your campaigns run smoothly and perform as they should.

You can sit at the office, at home or in the cabin and see the results in the dashboard, that our technology works for you and your business and increases profitability.


Our developers and Customer Development Managers have knowledge and industry experience, and provide advice to our clients in both daily and annual strategies and action plans.


We have a flexible pricing model. Fixed Price, Cost Per Order, or a combination of these.


We are a friendly, informal and competent bunch of people who loves to work with e-commerce stores and digital solutions. 

Regardless of whether the customer is a “digital head” or a regular sales- or marketing individual, we come up with smart and creative solutions that match your concept, product or service. 

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